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Vintage Style Formica Plant Stand / Table - Orange, Green & Yellow - Flowers

  • £95.00

This is a vintage style Formica and vintage wallpaper tiered plant stand / side table (also great for bedside, which i use mine for).

Lovely 1970s original wallpaper on the base (sealed for durability), light sage green, stunning eggy yellow and zingy orange formica, with wooden legs finished with a teak stain

Comes apart for transport and storage, a nut at the bottom is removed, and a central, threaded bar is removed. 

Measures approx 2ft high x 35cm at widest point

Unique as handmade by me, i will not be making more of these, so very limited number listed on the site currently at a special, one off, cheaper price (losing money, hence why not making more)

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