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Vintage Necklaces / Pop Beads - Choose From List - Rainbow Colours

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I  have been having a clear out of my own jewellery collection (this isn't all of it by any means) 

All available individually, but postage will be automatically combined for more than one piece, saving quite a bit.

1. Venetian glass red beads with gold inclusions- 40cm long

2. Red 1950s glass beads- 19cm long (one of my favourites)

3. Classic 60s plastic pop beads- 19cm long (can be added to)

4. Unusual plastic orange and cream necklace (poss 1940s)? 44cm long

5. Mottled 1960s Orange plastic beads - 38cm long

6. Square yellow glass 1950s (gorgeous) beads - 67cm

7. Plastic yellow 1960s beads - 59cm long

8. Lemon yellow 1980s plastic beads - 38cm long

9. Square mottled green glass 1950s (gorgeous) beads - 66cm

10. Triple green strand 1950s glass beads (clasp missing beads)- 28cm long

11. Wooden khaki green 1960s beads- 26cm long

12. Very long turquoise pop beads- 126cm long

13. Short turquoise pop beads- 26cm long

14. 1960s Plastic beads - 21cm long

All good condition and lovely finishing touches to any outfit. Please choose from the drop down list

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