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Vintage Letters - Blockbusters / Vintage Signs - SUN - Yellow

  • £10.00

This is a trio of vintage letters. Made from various materials, colours and sizes, sold individually or together to get a bit of sun in your home! please choose your option from the drop down list

The smaller S came from an old department store, the U/N in the middle came from an original Blockbuster video sign and is metal, whilst the last is wooden and part of an old shop sign

I used to have a stair wall full of these, but once i took them down i decided to sell them on. Most don't have fixings, but i used the velcro strips and they worked brilliantly

Nice bright colours. Some wear as expected

The letter S measures - 27cm high x 15cm wide

The central 'Blockbuster' U/n measures- 53cm high x 27cm wide

The end, wooden U/n measures- 44cm high x 28.5cm wide

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