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Vintage Ladybird Books - First / Early Editions

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This is a group of, lovely (early) vintage Ladybird books, please choose from the drop down list

The Nurse- Damaged spine, some writing inside front cover. first Published 1963

What to Look For in Winter- Some water damage to front  and back cover. First published 1959 

Houses and Homes- A few red marks to the cover- First published 1963

The Wise Robin, name inside front cover, slight damage to top of spine- First Edition

Things to Make - Spine damage - First published 1963

Cinderella - blue crayon to front cover, spine damage - First Edition

British Wildflowers - Writing on cover and spine damage- First published 1957

Beaky the greedy duck- Spine damage and tape mark to front - First Edition

British Birds - Spine damage and tape mark to front / back cover- First edition

ABC uncle Mac's Ladybird book- Rare piece - Dust jacket with some wear- Fifth Edition

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