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Vintage 1980s Moto Giant Toadstool Toddler Toy

Vintage 1980s Moto Giant Toadstool Toddler Toy

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This is an amazing vintage toy by Moto (french)

I have had this for a few years for my little boy, but he has so many toys this doesn't get the love it deserves!

Retro colours and bright plastic makes this a fantastic piece for small people.

In great condition, freshly washed and ready for a new little person

It has so much to do- twist Mr Worm on top and the shapes fall into the bottom part. It has a handset and dial for the phone, push the green button and Mr Bunnies door pops open. Butterfly flappy bit, snail has a roller ball rattle, and some cogs to turn. The door with the face at the bottom opens to collect the shapes

Measures 49cm high so ideal when your little one is learning to stand too

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