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Vintage 1970s Storage Jar Set - Schramberg Germany

Vintage 1970s Storage Jar Set - Schramberg Germany

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This is a trio of ceramic storage jars with wooden lids, on a wooden shelf (not sure if that is original or made later to fit them?

Made by Schramberg, although 2 are marked Foreign, they clearly match each other

Sold as a set, on the shelf

Great condition, the lids show a little wear, and as expected (if these don't sell quickly, i'll try and find time to sand them back and refinish), the seals have mostly crumbled away (could be replaced if required)

The jars measure 11cm high x 10cm in diameter. Whole shelf measures just under 32cm long x 14.5cm high x 12.5cm deep

One single red jar also available separately  

Update, only the single red jar now available

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