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Vintage 1970s Shag Pile Rug - Orange Shades - Large

Vintage 1970s Shag Pile Rug - Orange Shades - Large

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This is a lovely, very large vintage 1970s shag pile rug

Shades of orange, yellow and brown in a geometric pattern

Condition wise... i have had this in stock for years, waiting for me to sort it out, but it takes up too much room and i need to move it on now.

It has a few minor marks here and there, but i am confident these would come out with a carpet cleaner, or some spot cleaning (i have tried to photograph these, but not obvious, so quite hard to do). Currently i can hardly bend down, so this will be a job for it's new owner i think.

I've given it a good hoover and it's a lovely design. There are some slightly less fluffy bits in the middle where it was been used, but not worn through by any means. I also think one end has been cut down at some point, but only noticed from underneath.

This would normally be an over £200 rug when done, so grab a total bargain if you need a rug in your life!

Label on the back- Firth RA dimensions rug, Pure wool

Measures 195cm x 243cm (nearly 2m x nearly 2.5m)

Ps. Apologise for the garden shots, but the house is too full for indoor shots at the mo



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