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Vintage 1970s Patio Ball String Lights - Unused

Vintage 1970s Patio Ball String Lights - Unused

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This is a selection of amazing vintage string patio lights not often found in this country

Still in their original packets and fully working.

They say 'Genuine Italian Lites, outdoor or indoor use- weatherproof' on the packaging.

They all have 2 pin plugs so will need an adapter- i have one and have tested them all using it. They can be bought cheaply online, but i can order and supply if you are happy to wait.

Some of the 10 packs have an extra connector so can be used with another string to make an extra long chain (please choose which you would like from the list. The ones with 2 connectors work fine alone too) 

All working, another design also available, but slightly smaller balls.

The balls measure 12.5cm in diameter (measured around from seam to seam)

Mostly packs of 10 lights, one is a pack of 20. I have loads of spare balls too if anyone wants to change colours on these and doesn't mind me opening the packets

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