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Vintage 1970s Folding Camping Tables - Orange

Vintage 1970s Folding Camping Tables - Orange

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This is a handy folding camping kitchen stand

Also ideal for use around the home.

It has 3 folding orange and white mesh tables, one white base plate and an orange up stand. I have also included a chrome rack, which was in the box, but not 100% sure how it works? It clips on to the edge, with little clips to secure it, maybe good for a washing up bowl?

This set also has it's original (slightly tatty) box too.

It all folds down for transport and storage, and each level can be used on it's own or securely stacked as shown

Bright design. Lovely vibrant tangerine orange, not sure what happened in the photos as it looks a bit peach?

Note: This item is 100% original used vintage ware.

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