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Vintage 1960s Fabric - Hanover- Ridgeways

Vintage 1960s Fabric - Hanover- Ridgeways

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This is a lovely 1960s fabric print 

Made from quality, weight cotton i would say? Has it's salvage, but only says who made it and the design, not it's contents

One piece has been made into a rather specific shape? some sort of cover? poss a sun lounger or zed bed? could easily be reused for other things. The other 2 pieces are simple shapes as seen

Great condition, freshly ironed. Good colours, but photographed on a cold, winter's day, so the light was more blue.

The simple, largest piece measures 115cm wide x 127cm, minimal fade to one side as shown. Another small piece is included, as well as the strange shaped bit.

All 3 pieces sold together

Note: This item is 100% original used vintage ware.

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