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Vintage 1950s Pyrex Glass Bowls - Butterprint

Vintage 1950s Pyrex Glass Bowls - Butterprint

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This is a lovely selection of vintage Pyrex bowls.

In the 'Butterprint' pattern (introduced in 1959 these are more often found in the USA rather than here in the UK)

All sold individually as condition varies. The largest cinderella mixing bowl is in great condition, with minimal wear and lovely gloss. 

The central white mixing bowl would originally have had the Butterprint pattern, but this is now totally missing! glossy, plain white bowl though.

Lastly the smaller of the bowls, sadly this has been dishwashed i'd say? I have cleaned it up and applied Coconut oil, which gives it a gloss back and would make it suitable for display (obviously this can be washed off, and will reveal the sad matt finish below)

As well as the mixing bowls, i also have 2 Cinderella casseroles (one with lid, one without) Again, these have been put through the dishwasher i suspect? the white one has faded turquoise pattern (and no lid) whilst the other again, has had a coconut oil rub to give it the gloss effect back (and has come up well)

Note: This item is 100% original used vintage ware.

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