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Retro, Kitsch Giant Playmobil Spaceman Shop Retail Figure - 5ft Height

Retro, Kitsch Giant Playmobil Spaceman Shop Retail Figure - 5ft Height

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Paul is selling his huge Playmobil spaceman....

A beautiful example of a lifesize point-of-sale Playmobil Orange Spaceman / Astronaut that will delight small and big-kids alike! Great as a quirky room feature and equally eye-catching for commercial display. It is a guaranteed talking point!

Arms rotate up at the shoulder and head can be turned inside the helmet.

Height: 5ft (152cm)
Width:  2ft 6 inches (76cm) 
Depth:  1ft 9 inches (53cm)

This would have originally been made for a toy shop point of sale but it's believed to have never been used commercially due to its unusually excellent condition. This was previously purchased from Stockport, UK and arrived in its original box which, unfortunately, had to be discarded for its size.

Other examples on the internet are often weakened or damaged - typically at the arms/shoulders or ankles, where window/exterior shop-front positioning often exposes the figure to the sun for long periods, daily and results in U.V. damage, causing the plastic to become brittle, weak and vulnerable to continued cracking.

This example is near factory fresh condition with only an extremely minor crack of about 2cm to the bottom-left corner of the helmet and a hidden split on the base which the head is mounted on though this is a non weight-bearing surface and is largely hidden by the helmet. This has also been factored into the price. Otherwise, a really stunning piece that is in unusually good condition compared to similar examples.

We've loved this guy for a year but moving to smaller accommodation has very regretfully forced the sale. A very unique gift whether it's for a small person or a nostalgic adult. It's going to make you smile every day! :-)

This is offered from Hordle, Hampshire, United Kingdom and we accept cash on collection or we can arrange a courier at additional cost - approx. £30 - £60, depending on where you are in the UK. Scotland may be more.
Standing a massive 5ft high, and would make the most amazing talking point

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