Recycling at it's best- Fragment Jewellery

Many years ago when i had my New Forest shop i sent the lovely Anja from Knopf Designs a pile of broken tableware i had been hanging onto for far too long. 

Whenever i found a piece of damaged Kitsch tableware, by Alfred Meakin, Beswick, Crown Clarence etc, i just couldn't bare to leave it behind. Believing one day i would find a use for it again. 

Well, the clever sausage that is Anja carefully cuts, polishes and finishes small fragments and turns them into wearable art. So lovely to see little glimpses of well known classics being worn as jewellery rather than going into landfill. Each piece is finished with delicate findings to make durable yet delicate statements.

I have a few of these pieces in stock currently, but you can find many more from Anjas pages.

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