New staff member

New staff member

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone for their patience whilst i got back to work after the birth of our very special little man during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, (just to make things extra challenging).

Charlie was born 28th May 2020, and has been a little whirlwind from the beginning. 


As much as i love him, i have also been keen to get back to working somehow too, as my business is my other baby and obviously i need to be able to keep him in tiny pineapple and radish outfits somehow.

Granny will be taking little bear one day a week to allow me to somehow source, photograph, list and wrap stock and orders, which will all probably take sometime to start with, so again, i appreciate everyones patience, i will do my best to juggle and get back on track. I will also try and answer emails and wrap orders through the rest of the week when he sleeps or is being entertained of course.

For anyone wanting more soppy pictures of Charlie bear, his fur-baby sisters (florence and Mabel the guinea pigs) and our general colourful life here, please click here to follow me on Instagram where i post the most often.

Thank you all xxxx

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