We Love Red Retro and Vintage for your home and lifestyle

We Love Red Retro and Vintage for your home and lifestyle

red jewellery

You may have noticed from the website that i have a 'thing' for rainbows. In fact all the products in each category are colour ordered. So i thought i would bring each category together and show you, firstly, the reds.

Above shows the gorgeous retro jewellery, mostly made by the fantastic 'You Make Me Design' from laser cut acrylic in iconic shapes (Cathrineholm and GPO phones). However, the second piece in is a bangle made from an old knitting needle by 'Cardigan Lane', an ideal present for a knitter perhaps? The bold red and yellow flower is an original 1960s enamelled brooch / pin from the USA, and comes in excellent condition, despite being older than me!

red clocks

Something for the home next, great for a little persons room perhaps, this bright red, metal heart light is battery operated and has LED lights, so wont get warm to the touch. The central clock is inspired by an iconic design by George Nelson, and has lovely big juicy red balls to the end of it's spikes. Lastly is another stunner by 'You Make Me Design' the same GPO phone image as the little brooch, but this time it takes the form of a retro clock. Ideal for a vintage style kitchen perhaps?

red chairs

You may have noticed i have a large selection of retro furniture also available. This comes direct from my supplier, so i can have a wide variety of designs in stock at reasonable prices. This is just a few of the styles i have, so please take a look at the full range on the website too.

Red retro chairs

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