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Have a colourful summer with Pineapple Retro

Posted by Sophie Crocket on

Probably shouldn't shout about it too loudly (as that big yellow ball will be scared off) but it seems to be getting more like summer? If you want to brighten up your retro or vintage inspired home, take a look at some of the goodies i have been finding of late.

string lights

These battery operated string lights are my most popular item in stock at the moment. As they run from battery rather than mains, they can be used in all sorts of situations.

Why not take them camping for example? Ideal for making any festival tent a bit special, or even in the camper van perhaps? Personally i like them stung up under a garden parasol for evenings in the garden. They are fun and lightweight and guaranteed to bring a smile. Currently i stock Ice lolly, pineapple and flamingo designs, and all at a bargain £16 each string.

Vintage Sun loungers

I always have a selection of funky vintage 1970s or 60s sun loungers and garden chairs in stock, all in good condition and bright, funky designs. Flower power seemed to be a common pattern back in the day, and has stood the test of time brilliantly. The chairs especially are great for camping (whether camper van or tenting).

Ice cream, flamingo, paper flowers, swan and butterfly clip

If you are looking for something to brighten inside your retro home, or outside in the garden, these kitsch plastic flamingos are great fun. The Swans are planters, and can be used separately or together, but also make great, quirky storage as well. The ice cream is something i also own myself (like most of my stock) It stands 4ft high, made of plastic and is officially designed to go outside ice cream shops, but ours lives in the kitchen as a piece of sculpture.

We also have the giant paper flowers in our lounge. They are big enough to make a statement whether alone or amongst pictures and prints.

Don't forget your sunscreen retro peeps and have a lovely summer. 


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