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Vintage drinking glasses and Retro Jane Foster

Posted by Sophie Crocket on

Vintage glass selction

Retro drinking glasses are one way to jazz up even the dullest drink. Here at Pineapple Retro HQ we use a mixture of modern retro and vintage glasses, but always brightly coloured and fun. I love finding new designs, from the stylish lines of the 1950s (these tend to be thinner glass, so amazing any survived) to the slightly more robust, bold, vintage designs of the 1960s and 70s. Many of them came from France, and often had a jug to match, a lovely edition to any summer table for refreshment.

Paper straws in rainbow coloursAdd in some coloured paper straws and you can turn anything into a cocktail. Straws and other fun retro drinks accessories will be available soon on the website. Personally i always use a paper straw myself, co-ordinating with the glass of course. It somehow makes you feel special, of course, add in a honeycomb paper flamingo on a stick and a cocktail umbrella and suddenly even water tastes better!

Paper straws in rainbow colours

These lovely vintage black swirled glasses are available on the website now and date from the 1960s. Very unusually, they come on their own vintage metal stand, complete with little yellow atomic feet to finish. Too good to have in a dark cupboard, these would look great on a home bar, or simply for everyday use. It is unusual these days to find a complete set of vintage glasses too, as they have usually had accidents over the years.

Jane Foster drinking glasses

We stock a selection of fantastic Jane Foster designs in the lower tumblers, a great shape for little hands as well as big, and nice, heavy quality too. I have lots of these myself and can't wait to see what else Jane comes up with (having been a fan of her work for many years).

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