Vintage Metal Tins, Trays, Coasters, Plates & Coffee Sets. Your Retro Kitchen is here!

Vintage Metal Tins, Trays, Coasters, Plates & Coffee Sets. Your Retro Kitchen is here!

Whether your vintage tastes are colourfully psychedelic Dutch Tomado metal tins or if you prefer the more classic Cathrineholm kitchenware, we've got just the thing to keep this Spring bright and cheery...

Our vintage section is alive with a rainbow of colours and patterns. Just the thing for brightening your retro home.

Vintage Metal Tins - Tomado

Our vintage stock is carefully sourced (by me), from across Europe and include well known producers such as Dutch company, Tomado and English Designer, Ian Logan.

I always aim to provide something unique for my loyal customers.

With an ever changing range, it is always worth popping back to our vintage department to see what is in each week.

Vintage Colourful Metal Tins - Ian Logan

Vintage tins can be used for storage in the kitchen, office, playroom & more. They look fantastic when mixed together with clashing patterns - a real riot of colour. I always try and stock a good range, as well as being a keen collector myself.

Vintage Retro Metal Tins & Canisters Collection

Vintage Tomado Metal Coaster Set

Metal Coaster Sets

They don't just have to be hidden away under a cup.

They look fantastic lined up on a shelf to show their full glory.

Maybe mix up different patterns too.

Coasters are another way of getting bold design into the home on a super modest budget.

These Dutch beauties shown here were made by Tomado, who also produced some of the tins in stock - a great combo for a gift or collector.

View our Dutch Tomado Metal Coaster Sets here - just £18 a set!

Vintage Metal Trays

Sticking with the metal vintage theme, we've also got a steady flow of beautiful 60s and 70s trays but be quick - they wont stay around for long.

In fantastic condition, they only have a reassuring amount of wear but their designs are as bold and bright as they day they were made.

View our lovely Vintage Metal Trays while they last!

Vintage 60s Round Metal Trays - Flower Designs

Vintage Metal Trays - Hung on WallsBut don't just collect your precious vintage metal trays and then tuck them away in a kitchen drawer.

How about making sure all their vintage gorgeousness is seen by everyone?

Why not get creative with your vintage and mount your metal trays on a wall!

It's certainly a great way to make a bold statement and beats a plain magnolia surface any day.

Check out this example from Quirk and Rescue - Great idea! In case you're wondering, she recommends a few small squares of vecro tape so no extensive DIY needed!

Tania from Quirk & Rescue has written a fantastic blog on her collection too.


Vintage Kitchenware

Even the plainest kitchen can be made special with some splashes of carefully placed colour.

Be it a Cathrineholm saucepan on the cooker top, a chopping board leant against the splash back or full-on appliance vibrancy (we have a bright orange fridge for example).

Vintage Kitchen Plates, Skillet, Coffee Set & Chopping Board

View all our vintage kitchen items here - some unique pieces at great prices.

Making your own space using items from the past and present creates a really unique environment to live in.

And you can just keep adding to the space when you find fantastic new treasures. 

Sophie Crocket of Pineapple Retro
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Sophie ran a successful retro & vintage shop in Brockenhurst - the heart of the New Forest, making the top ten of vintage shops in the UK, awarded by BBC Homes & Antiques magazine.

More recently, Sophie has gathered a unique collection of modern retro home wares from around the World to complement her ongoing passion for all things vintage and currently sources exciting new products for her online shop

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