The Amazing Designers Behind Our Retro & Vintage Cards & Wrap

The Amazing Designers Behind Our Retro & Vintage Cards & Wrap

About Pineapple Retro's Card Range

All the greeting cards and wrapping paper in this section have been carefully chosen by me for their bold designs and bright colours.

If they have a retro vibe, even better, and a healthy dose of rainbows of course.

Pilgrim Lee

Pilgrim is a very talented illustrator, with a recognisable style, almost psychedelic and influenced by many vintage sources.

Dripping with colour, you can't help but smile when you see her designs.

Coming to you, literally from the other side of the world, in Melbourne, Australia.

Browse Pilgrim Lee's retro card designs


Dicky-Bird work from a small studio in London, coming from a design background and their work has a beautifully simplistic, bold graphic style, with plenty of colour.

I am currently stocking greeting cards and wrapping paper, and am looking forward to expanding the selection very soon.

Browse Dicky Birds's bold retro card designs



HelloDodo are a creative couple working from Brighton, they produce fun and witty graphic cards, prints and bags (plus more).

They create wonderfully childish puns using imagery and colour which are fun for us big kids! Who knows what might come out of the minds of Ali and Jam next?

Browse Hello Dodo's fun retro greeting cards

Eric's Vintage Cards

Eric is a lovely local fella, who has been supplying me with these amazing cards for many years now.

In the 1970s he bought a very large amount of end of line greeting cards from various manufacturers. So these are 100% genuine, vintage, unused greeting cards.

There are many designers i have since researched who went on to become illustrators, textile artists and more.

Many people still remember them from the first time around, so they often end up being framed and treasured once again.

These can be found in our vintage category.

Have fun browsing our cards & wrap department and if you make a purchase, be sure to let us know what you think. We're always keen to hear what our lovely customers think and what you'd like to see in future. Oh and the postage automatically combines when you purchase multiples, starting at just £1 delivery.

Sophie Crocket of Pineapple Retro
About Sophie

Sophie Crocket has over 10 years experience in sourcing & selling quality vintage & retro pieces.

With appearances on television, and her own home interiors featured in several popular magazines, her unique, colourful style is a fresh & vibrant approach to home decoration.

Sophie ran a successful retro & vintage shop in Brockenhurst - the heart of the New Forest, making the top ten of vintage shops in the UK, awarded by BBC Homes & Antiques magazine.

More recently, Sophie has gathered a unique collection of modern retro home wares from around the World to complement her ongoing passion for all things vintage and currently sources exciting new products for her online shop

Sophie personally posts regularly on all of Pineapple Retro's social media so be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

She also produces a weekly newsletter bursting with colour about products, their talented designers and special offers.

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