Designer Feature: You Make Me Design - Acrylic Retro Brooches, Necklaces, GPO Phones and Clocks

Designer Feature: You Make Me Design - Acrylic Retro Brooches, Necklaces, GPO Phones and Clocks

When I started sourcing stock for my new venture, the very first person I contacted was the lovely Emily Bardgett of, You Make Me Design. Working with her partner in crime (and life), Mark, they produce awesome jewellery and home ware products, primarily made in acrylic and wood.

Iconic Cathrineholm-Style Coffee Pot Designs

I have admired her Cathrineholm style acrylic coffee pot brooches for a long time, and loved her bold, clean style, not to mention the fabulous colours!

It goes without saying, as a big Arne Clausen fan, I had to stock the laser-cut, acrylic Cathrineholm coffee pots, (brooches & necklaces). I think they're fab.

Sophie Head

Exclusive Pineapple Retro Logo - Sophie Head Brooch

It turns out we also share a mutual love for anything miniature, and she was happy to listen to my daft ideas about future retro-themed pieces, with some new lines exclusive to Pineapple Retro.

Currently, a line that's proving to be one of our leading sellers is a somewhat indulgent piece based on our very own Pineapple Retro logo - the Sophie Head Brooch!

Measuring 5.5cm x 5cm, it's a unique piece of jewellery crafter entirely from acrylic, that you wont find anywhere else. Inspired by our logo, minus the rainbow, flowers and text it's, essentially my head!

Thank you sooo much to the many customers that have shown their support by purchasing one of these on launch day. They'll be shipping straight after the Easter Bank Holiday and I'm sure you'll love them. This will be a permanent line so get yours here.

Classic Radio Wall Clocks

Then I saw her amazing, wooden Bush radio-style brooches - Wow! The gorgeous cherry wood really makes this design and as a bonus, it crosses over to the Homeware department where you can also find wall clocks, from Emily's Hi! Time, in a very similar style. This particular wall clock also comes with some handy feet in case you want it free-standing on a sideboard or perhaps on your kitchen worktop.

Wall clock in iconic Bush-style design

Classic GPO-Style Telephone Designs

The incredibly cute GPO phone designs come in red and green brooches, or red wall clocks - lovely for a kitchen wall perhaps, constructed from a super-cheery bright red acrylic.

GPO-Style Acrylic Brooches and Wall Clock.

Acrylic 'Drinkups' Necklaces

Even miniature Pyrex cups, known as Drink-ups, in bright orange and eggy yellow acrylic - the ultimate accessory for any retro-dressed VW camper or caravan owner.

Acrylic 'Drinkups' Necklace Designs

Fernando Cassetta-Style Brooches

The Miniature Toucan and Dog brooches are based on famous 1970s Italian Lamps by Fernando Cassetta (manufactured by Tacman, Itlay). The Toucans come in lovely bright green or orange and the dogs in red & white or blue & white. An ideal substitute if you cannot afford the real thing. We sold out of the green, Toucan brooch on day one, but he is still available to pre-order, with more arriving soon.

Toucan & Dogs based on the famous 1970s Italian Lamps by Fernando Cassetta

Crafted with Love

Colourful laser-cut brooch coffee-pot piecesAlready, the distinctive designs can be recognised in their very early stages. The pieces are then painstakingly put together by Emily and the final details are lovingly hand-applied.

Whilst Emily's craft is very hands-on, requiring a talented final touch, the initial production of the main pieces are laser-cut from acrylic sheets using precision laser-cutting equipment.

Below is an example of an acrylic sheet after laser-cutting has been completed in the machine, leaving the negative shapes behind.

Laser cut sheet of acrylic for GPO-style phone brooches

Emily produces a range of colours for all her stunning designs, including pastel shades, though I must admit, I'm particularly partial to the bolder brighter rainbow colours - obviously!

Laser-cut acrylic sheets for the GP-style telephone brooches

A Perfect Retro Gift

All the items come in a lovely branded gift box, beautifully presented, and make the perfect gift for special someone, or perhaps just treat yourself, because you deserve it for having such awesome taste!

Many of the designs are unique to Pineapple Retro, so watch out for more to come from Emily, and her creative partner in crime and life, Mark.

Beautiful Gift Packaging

Emily & Mark

Designer Info

You Make Me is the brainchild of designer-maker, Emily Bardgett, a lifelong lover of all things cute, vintage and kitsch! In a nutshell, if its fun and retro, it is likely to catch Emily’s eye and start her mind creating! Each piece is designed, laser cut and hand-assembled in her North East coastal studio.

Great care is taken from construction through to packaging to ensure you receive jewellery, which stand up to Emily's perfectionist standards! Emily genuinely loves what she makes and hopes you do, too!

To read more about Emily & Mark's work, head on over to their website at

Sophie Crocket of Pineapple Retro
About Sophie

Sophie Crocket has over 10 years experience in sourcing & selling quality vintage & retro pieces.

With appearances on television, and her own home interiors featured in several popular magazines, her unique, colourful style is a fresh & vibrant approach to home decoration.

Sophie ran a successful retro & vintage shop in Brockenhurst - the heart of the New Forest, making the top ten of vintage shops in the UK, awarded by BBC Homes & Antiques magazine.

More recently, Sophie has gathered a unique collection of modern retro home wares from around the World to complement her ongoing passion for all things vintage and currently sources exciting new products for her online shop

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