Used Vintage & Modern Retro in One, Very Colourful Place

Used Vintage & Modern Retro in One, Very Colourful Place

Why Pineapple Retro has changed

We've not so much changed, but evolved. Having been in the vintage trade for the past 11 years, things aren't quite what they used to be.

When I started Pineapple Retro, many of the 'traditional' antique dealers thought it a bit odd when I staggered across the local car boot sale, laden with the very brightest coloured vintage plastic, and then back a second and third time with equally vibrant vintage clothing finds - all with a big smile on my face!

Back then, that colourful vintage niche existed and very few others were doing it but in recent years it's become a lot more common amongst fellow traders and sourcing those quality one-off products has been an increasingly challenging task.

The cost of sourcing vintage both in time and money was on the rise and trying to eke out a living from my passion was proving increasingly difficult so the question was, 'what to do next?'

Colourful Evolution

Whilst vintage is a passion of mine, what a lot of people may not realise is that I equally love well designed modern retro homeware just as much and in late 2015 it struck me just how much of it was already in my own home. So, it seemed like a natural progression to start thinking about sourcing colourful, well-designed & affordable modern home ware products instead.

Orange Pineapple, Yellow Eames-style Chair, Green Super Living Candle Holder

Modern retro ware would allow me to do what vintage alone couldn't - not just to survive but to thrive. With the new and improved Pineapple Retro, we are aiming to continually expand a hand-picked range, allowing me to bring more of what I'm passionate about to all of you. Great design, colour and affordability.

This time around, we will have a clear line between used genuine vintage products, for my loyal customers and exciting new retro homeware products for a brand new audience.

Red Heart Light, Blue Vintage Cushion, Yellow Resin Bird

Getting the party started

In 2015, I began putting together a wish list of my favourite designers and suppliers - creative individuals and companies I really wanted to work with and one by one, got about contacting them early this year. The response was unbelievable.

In nearly 100% of cases, people were more than keen to jump on board with our vision. In many cases, we have custom-made products and even exclusive lines which will only be found, here on Pineapple Retro.

For starters, check out the gorgeous acrylic brooches & necklaces in our accessories department, hand-made by Emily at, You Make Me. The iconic Catherineholm coffee pot and classic GPO style telephone are shown below plus checkout a very special take on our Pineapple Retro logo.

Orange Cathrineholm Style Coffee Pot, Red GPO-style Telephone Brooch

With the help of my very clever other half (who does the technical online-ness that is beyond me), a new photography studio set up and many, many lists, we have finally made it to launch.

It has been a very long and challenging but exciting process and as with such a giant leap, I wanted it to be absolutely perfect before going live.

Pineapple Retro Product Photography

Whilst our new website branding may be familiar for our existing customers, this new site is completely new from the ground up and has some exciting upgrades that have been long overdue:

  • You can now happily browse our store & securely purchase goods on smart phone & tablet as well as your regular desktop computer
  • Combined shipping costs for orders with multiple products
  • A fast, secure checkout that allows you to pay by card or Paypal
  • Free Shipping for orders over £100 GBP.


On behalf of all at Pineapple Retro we really hope you like what you see, and rest assured, I have a very long list of yet more hand-picked international brands I will be stocking in the near future so, we're only just getting started! 

Sophie Xxx

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Sophie Crocket of Pineapple Retro
About Sophie

Sophie Crocket has over 10 years experience in sourcing & selling quality vintage & retro pieces.

With appearances on television, and her own home interiors featured in several popular magazines, her unique, colourful style is a fresh & vibrant approach to home decoration.

Sophie ran a successful retro & vintage shop in Brockenhurst - the heart of the New Forest, making the top ten of vintage shops in the UK, awarded by BBC Homes & Antiques magazine.

More recently, Sophie has gathered a unique collection of modern retro home wares from around the World to complement her ongoing passion for all things vintage and currently sources exciting new products for her online shop

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