Stock Preview - Huge Royal Doulton Lamps

Stock Preview - Huge Royal Doulton Lamps

I thought I should share what I am currently working on at Pineapple Retro HQ....
These lamp bases have been in stock for many years, but were originally metallic gold, and in a bad way (they had been over polished, so the gold had warn off in patches, and they didn't look very nice) I decided to refinish them into much happier colours, and this is the result. 

They were made by Royal Doulton back in the 1970s, and this is the larger size they produced. 

Each has been primed and spayed with several coats, and a protective lacquer added after.

They have also been re wired with co ordinating coloured cable, new plugs fitted and switches to each. The shades have been handmade using vintage fabric, some Boras, Sweden, another Heals, and will be sold as complete lamps.

Photographed in my conservatory, so nothing else for sale I'm afraid!

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