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Vintage Necklaces / Pop Beads - Choose From List - Blue , Pink , Purple

  • £5.00

I  have been having a clear out of my own jewellery collection (this isn't all of it by any means) 

All available individually, but postage will be automatically combined for more than one piece, saving quite a bit.

1. Blue 1920s POW biting snake glass & metal necklace - 53cm long in total (can be adjusted to size)

2. Large 1960s faux blue pearls - 34cm long

3. Blue 1950s glass chip necklace - 27cm long (may benefit from a re string)

4. Triple 1960s blue plastic strand necklace - 23cm long (can be adjusted)

5. Lovely vintage blue glass beaded snake chain - 50cm long

6. Pale blue 1960s plastic pop beads - 26cm long

7. Mauve 1960s pop beads - 36cm long

8. Long 1960s purple pop beads- 59cm long

9. Triple 1960s Purple plastic strand necklace - 25cm at longest (can be adjusted) 

10. Small 1960s pale lilac pop beads - 40cm long

11. Long hot pink vintage plastic beads - 77cm (photographed with a loose knot, but measured un done)

12. Lovely 1950s pink plastic swirl beads - (one of my favourites) - 24cm long

13. Hot pink glass 1950s beads - 22cm long

14. Very long 1960s electric coral pink plastic beads - 92cm long

15. Baby pink long 1960s facet plastic beads - 61cm long

16. Unusual 1950s peach flat plastic pop beads - 18cm long (small neck, or could be made into a bracelet)

17. Gorgeous 1960s big faux pearls in pink - 20cm long

18. 1940s plastic moulded rose beads - 22cm long

All good condition and lovely finishing touches to any outfit. Please choose from the drop down list

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