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Vintage Crochet Doilies / Table Cloths - Fantastic Colours

  • £2.00

This is a selection of lovely handmade crochet doilies and cloths

The fantastic designs stand out even more in these mouth watering colours.

All different patterns and different colours. Would be lovely used as lampshades once stiffened perhaps?

1. Pink & White measures 28 x22cm

2. Electric Peach measures 53 x 53cm

3. Bright yellow (this has a curve in it, hence displayed on my cake dome (perfect for a lampshade) measures 50 x 50cm

4. Lighter Yellow (another domed one) measures 54 x 54cm

5. Pale Green measures 71 x 52cm

6. Vivd Turquoise measures 57 x 57cm

7. Purple, Blue & White measures 26 x 24cm

8. Mauve measures 37 x 54cm

9.Lilac flower measures 39 x 39cm

All in great condition

UK Delivery

Delivered within 7 working days (may be longer for N Ireland and rural areas)

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