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Vintage 1980s/90s Pop Swatch Watches / Original Brochures

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These vintage Swatch catalogues are a real blast from the past. They actually came from the jewellery shop i used to buy my pop swatches from with my pocket / birthday money! (posters available too)

There are 3 catalogues with plenty of great images and inspiration for the original designs. 1988-1993

I am also selling three original pop swatches. Please choose from the drop sdown list

The First is a 1988 design, face known as Grey Dots, with a 1989 'spotlight' strap-  the early Swatches didn't have anything printed on the buckles. Good used condition

Next is 'Blub Blub' from 1992. Good used condition

Finally is 'Mlle' from 1992 in good used condition

All need new batteries, but work fine. I will try and get replacement batteries for them before they sell

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