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Vintage 1960s Plastic Doll Rattles Box Framed Picture - Nevalyashka (Russian) Style

  • £35.00

These very cute rattles date from the 1960s, they have been framed (not glued in place so can be used again if required), but this way they can be enjoyed on the wall even if you don't have a little one to play)

Mounted in a modern frame, on a piece of modern rainbow fabric, they can easily be removed without damage

They are based on the Nevalyashka dolls, originally made in Russia, but these are unique, made by a gentleman in his factory in Romania, along with many other amazing items.

I have loads of these rattles and pram toys that haven't been framed too (please see other listings)

Apologies for the rubbish photos, hard to photograph with glass reflections (first one was taken without the glass in place for that reason)

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