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Vintage 1960s Mini Musical Wind Up TV Set - Call Waiting System - Orange

  • £28.00

This is a very unusual piece. I have had it for many years, but as i now have no were for it, it must go.

I have never seen another, but was told when bought, it was a call waiting system made by Pye.

It has a musical movement, (wind up underneath) place your phone handset on the black section at the top. The box has speakers at either side, which would line up with a classic GPO phone handset and play music whilst the person is waiting.

I'm not sure if this was something sold by Pye or was used at the company (possible as so few are seen)

Used, but very good condition. Fully working

Measures 9.5cm high (inc black top) x 10cm long x 7.5cm wide (inc legs)

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