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Vintage 1960s Green & Yellow Glass Vase / Jug - Choice of Items

  • £12.00

This is a selection of vintage 1960's glass, all in lovely green and yellow.

The jug is Uranium glass, so glows luminous green with a black light, the next lime green vase is Sklo Union and an unusual colour. The central piece is an Italian 'bullet vase', in front is a nice warm yellow piece, then an unusual goblet in grass green. Finally, is a lovely brandy balloon style vase, in a lovely yellow.

All excellent condition and from my own collection

Uranium jug measures 25cm high

Lime Sklo Vase measures 23 cm high

Bullet Vase measures 48cm high-sold

Short Yellow measures 17cm- sold

Green Goblet measures 23cm -sold

Yellow brandy balloon measures 21cm - sold

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Delivered within 7 working days (may be longer for N Ireland and rural areas)

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