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Vintage 1950s / 1960s Dress Making / Crafty Trim - Sequins, Tassels, Beads - Black & Gold

  • £25.00

This is a lovely selection of vintage trims

Not my usual thing, but wouldn't resist the sequins in particular (clearly i was a magpie in a former life)

The black sequins are larger than usual, sewn onto a wide band of sort of muslin? great for adding sparkle to all sorts of projects 620cm long x 23cm (6.2m) the sequins themselves measure nearly 1.5cm in diameter

The 'flapper trim' is very long, black tassels, made from a slippy synthetic mix, and sewn onto the original paper still. It measures 340cm long (3.4m) x 50cm long tassels

The gold beaded trim is older i think, possibly 1950s or maybe even earlier? covered in gold seed and bugle beads, rhinestones and all sewn onto fine net. Great to finish or customise an outfit? It measures 24cm wide x 15cm long (including dangly bit at the bottom) in good condition for it's age, with no large areas missing, but it's fragile and could do with some careful securing in areas

Also some gorgeous tiny flowers, dating from the 1950s, they are mixture of velvet and canvas i believe? great for millinery, brooches or even a finishing touch to pretty present wrapping? 

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