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For the love of Jan Pienkowski

I have loved the illustrations of Jan Pienkowski since i was a child- Remember Meg and Mog?

Many years ago, i discovered the 1970s flower stickers, which i now stock, showing his name at the bottom, i seem to be more and more drawn to his work?  I love the simple, bold designs and flowers, lots of flowers! 

More and more items begin to scream out at you the more you look. This set of coasters was recently sold on the website, i had a hunch, but have just found a signed tea towel with the same images... which follow on to the sticker designs. 

The elephant place mats are from my own cupboard, but will be heading to the website shortly (i know they wont hang around) he is the same elephant shown in these recently sold stickers too. 

I really love attributing designers to work, even when unsigned, by doing research, and can't wait to find more of these bright, cheery designs....


Come rain or shine, Vintage umbrellas brighten the weather

Looking at previous blogs, you may have realised i collect lots of different things! This is my collection of 1970s frilled umbrellas. I recently found another pink one, so it is now available on the website and comes in great condition, with it's co-ordinating pink lucite handle. Two other patterns ones have also landed, and are both available.
Just remember, next time the weather is grey, make sure you're not!



Posted in new in by Sophie on 15/06/2015

Lena and Al Eklund for Laurids Lonborg, Denmark

I have far too many collections, but i can never resist the designs of Lena and Al Eklund. In fact anything from Laurids Lonborg, with the bright bold, colours and simple designs, i am parting with this group of 4 coasters, which is hard! but keeping the orange daisy, which came from our beach hut when i was little and the heart design, which i am lucky enough to have a set of 6 of. 
This could be a good opportunity to start your own, or add to an existing collection. 


Posted in new in by Sophie on 15/06/2015

Digging the Strawberry trend

I have noticed the shops are full of fruit printed items, especially strawberries? Possibly because spring has sprung, and they are such cheery little berries? 
I for one have embraced it fully! Having already had my gorgeous Strawberry shoes for a while (courtesy of the amazing Love from Hetty and Dave) and a recent buying spree at Tiger added to the pile. I also have a few pieces for sale on the website, like the fantastic strawberry shaped ice bucket and a single strawberry printed glass 



Posted in new in by Sophie on 06/06/2015

Studio shuffle

Re-shuffle done in the studio, looking bright and cheerful as always, ready for a photo shoot tomorrow. Everything seen is for sale on the website.

Vintage lamps and pattern- Oranges and yellows

I have just finished (and added to the website) this gorgeous bright orange 1960s vintage lamp, and couldn't resist grouping it with other funky pattern pieces i currently have in.

The unique lamp has a cased orange glass base, and hand made shade (using vintage fabric) Maybe just the feature item your room may have been craving.

The large eggy yellow piece next to it is reserved, as is the orange lion lamps, but i am happy to look out for similar if required (both have been customised by myself).
If you love a bit of Roooaaar retro, why not give this little Chandy lion a home? bright orange and yellow plastic, which goes nicely with the round cushion to his right, and the flower power tray behind


Posted in new in by Sophie on 29/05/2015

Fantastic plastic storage

I have just added some fantastic, brightly coloured plastic containers to the website. This photo shows a mix of my own and the ones available. Made by Crayonne for Habitat in the 1970s, or Kartell at the same time. They are sturdy and stylish, the perfect combination

Posted in new in by Sophie on 22/05/2015

1970s illuminated Arcade signage

I have been lucky enough to get hold of a number of 1970s arcade signs recently. They all illuminate and make a real statement whether wall mounted or rested on a sideboard.

Posted in new in by Sophie on 15/05/2015

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