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Stock preview- Huge Royal Doulton lamps

I thought i should share what i am currently working on at Pineapple Retro HQ.... These lamp bases have been in stock for many years, but were originally metallic gold, and in a bad way (they had been over polished, so the gold had warn off in patches, and they didn't look very nice) I decided to refinish them into much happier colours, and this is the result. 

They were made by Royal Doulton back in the 1970s, and this is the larger size they produced. 

Each has been primed and spayed with several coats, and a protective lacquer added after. They have also been re wired with co ordinating coloured cable, new plugs fitted and switches to each. The shades have been handmade using vintage fabric, some Boras, Sweden, another Heals, and will be sold as complete lamps.
Photographed in my conservatory, so nothing else for sale i'm afraid

Posted in new in by Sophie on 21/01/2015

A new look for me

hi all, sorry it's been a while since i have posted a fresh blog on 

Since the last one, the shop has closed, my stock has been brought home, organised into our racked garage and we have been working on the studio/ showroom (the wooden structure built at the bottom of the garden) photos will follow shortly. It is very light and bright, so an ideal place to photograph pieces, as well as satisfy my urge to 'do displays'.

Today i launched the new look site, with a brand spankers new logo (designed by my very clever boyfriend) and new colour scheme. It seems appropriate as the business is entering a new phase for 2015. In case you hadn't guessed, it's me in the logo!

I have a vast amount of treasure to add to the site, as well as concentrate on more social media. I already use my instagram, pinterest and facebook page lots, but need to do more on Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, so feel free to follow me, and moan if i'm not active enough!

Posted in News by Sophie on 08/01/2015

The latest re-incarnation of Pineapple Retro

Well, you can't keep a good pineapple down for long! having closed the Brockenhurst shop over a week ago, i am now working my way through the website stock at home, re photographing it all and doing the many new goodies at the same time.

We now have a dedicated space to photograph in, which will later be turned into a show room at home, it's gloriously white, and very light- heaven for me! so expect to see a bit of a re-vamp on here.

As well as getting on top of photographing, there is a postoffice at the end of our road, so items can be mostly sent out next day, with all packaging also on site, i may be efficient for once!

I am looking forward to the challenge, and am still finding many unusual goodies, and now, without being tied to the shop, i should be able to find even more!

Posted in News by Sophie on 10/12/2014

A very sad day

A week today i will be closing my beloved shop. It is already looking very stark, as the sale started a while ago.

For anyone who didn't know, the shops will be sold at auction next year, and are very likely to be developed. It is a crime for this area, as they have been here since 1912 it is believed, and have been many different shops in their time, but we always knew we were likely to be the last one's here. 

We have given these knackered buildings a lot of love and care, especially my mum, who has had her shop here for 25 years, whilst I've been on site for 9 years. i grew up here, coming down after school, whilst my mum worked and then spending all my time building up my own business.

It will be a horrible day when we close the doors for good, with many tears shed i'm sure.

I am intending on closing next week, and clearing out, but will be bringing back my usual bright, high quality, original stock to dress all three window displays until we have to officially leave at the end of January. I want to be remembered for how it was, not the mess it currently is!

Thank you so much for all your amazing support, through good and bad times, i will continue on here until i find another premise, but do keep them peeled for some amazing goodies coming soon.

Soph x (written with a tear in my eye)

Posted in News by Sophie on 22/11/2014

sad day for the big pineapple

It is with great sadness i must announce, December 24th 2014 will be the last day of trading for my Brockenhurst shop. The land is being auctioned off, and our shops must be cleared. 

You don't get rid of me that easily though... i will just work online for a while, concentrating on making the website the best it can be, as well as tackling other online aspects (pinterest, instagram, twitter etc) working from home. But aim to get another shop next year sometime.

Posted in News by Sophie on 23/09/2014

D Day celebrations in Brock

Today (Saturday 21st June 2014) we have lots of celebrations at Brockenhurst train station (the end of the road to the shop) so i have done a window display to join in. We believe this building used to be a fruit and vegetable shop in the 1930s/40s, so i have filled my window with the modern retro take on it.

Posted in Events by Sophie on 21/06/2014

Vintage in lights

I have so many fab letters in stock at the moment (illuminated and not) most of them are currently shop only, but the illuminated ones should make it here (if they don't sell before hand).

They are great for initials, but also for writing words, and i always try and have something written in my window display. The mixed letters look great together, with a mix of fonts, colours and sizes (i am working on a wall full at home myself)

Posted in new in by Sophie on 29/05/2014

Ladybird library

Clearly i am not alone with my love of Ladybird books? these little hard backed memories are always popular in the shop (individual ones not available on the website i'm afraid).

I think i enjoy buying them as much for my own memories, and seeing peoples reactions when they get a mini flash back to childhood?

Pop into the shop and get yours, only £3 each.

Posted in new in by Sophie on 06/05/2014

Back on track

It has been pretty mad here lately... moving shops, moving house and all that goes with both! I think i am finally back on track, and FINALLY have internet access at the new house, so will be able to do some extra work here and there to catch up.

Lots of treasures have continued to come in, and i will be adding as much as i can soon.

I have had several large deliveries of Alfred Meakin table ware, more illuminations and other quirky pieces...

Posted in new in by Sophie on 25/04/2014

Flick the switch

Part of my new shop stock is illuminating! as well as being genuine vintage, these pieces are totally unique. From holiday camps to arcades, from this country and beyond... they are all ready to plug in and enjoy.

Since the shop opened less than a week ago, a few pieces have already gone, so you may want to be quick if you are looking for that ultimate statement piece. 

Below you'll see a selection, shown on the website... The letter Y came from America, and features fantastic fairground bulbs (now sold,but trying to find more) next is the last of a collection of holiday camp signs from the 1950s, this one has had a custom made light box, the yellow/ gold letter A, was French, and now sold. The last is a trio of amazing illuminations from a Blackpool arcade

Posted in new in by Sophie on 06/03/2014

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