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Fantastic plastic storage

I have just added some fantastic, brightly coloured plastic containers to the website. This photo shows a mix of my own and the ones available. Made by Crayonne for Habitat in the 1970s, or Kartell at the same time. They are sturdy and stylish, the perfect combination

Posted in new in by Sophie on 22/05/2015

1970s illuminated Arcade signage

I have been lucky enough to get hold of a number of 1970s arcade signs recently. They all illuminate and make a real statement whether wall mounted or rested on a sideboard.

Posted in new in by Sophie on 15/05/2015

Vintage Glass ware rainbow collection

My biggest collection is probably the vintage glass i have all over our house. 

I have collected glass for many years, and believe my love came from my grandmas house, where i remember glass shelves full of colour.

I am drawn to the vivid colours and shapes, especially Italian and Scandinavian, and mostly cased (white interior which gives it a stronger colour) Yellow seems to be the hardest pure colour to find, and am still looking for that elusive, large scale piece for my own collection. Along the way i do part with some pieces, so it is worth either checking the website, or contacting me about specific colours


Modern Tin-tastic storage

Here at Pineapple Retro HQ i have been collecting tins for years. 

Modern as well as vintage though. I display these on top of my kitchen cabinets, and most were from M&S. I get the added bonus of yummy biscuits as well as owning future collectables. In fact, some are instantly worth more than the retail price, dependant of the design.

My favourite are the biscuit shaped ones, but the designs of Linzie Hunter come a close second, she did the maps and i love her illustration style. Sadly i don't know the designers for all of them, but i love the variety.

For christmas i have more, this time designed by sanna annukka, in a gorgeous vintage, Swedish style. And a musical christmas tree... great for storing decorations in and a lovely festive touch.


For vintage tins, please visit the website, and check out my previous blog post

Frieda Clowes vintage fabric designs- Pop Parade

Frieda clowes Pop Parade

One of my favourite patterns designed by Frieda Clowes in the 1960s. It features, simple. bold soldiers on a bright background. I currently have pieces in either bright red or blue in a textures barkcloth fabric.

If you like the simple, bold print, maybe you'll also like another design by Clowes- Playtime

My personal collection of Devon Blue pottery

At Pineapple Retro HQ i collect many things, and prob love them equally, but this collection has some special meaning. 

I have a large collection of Devon Blue 1960s pottery with local place names. Each piece was inscribed or printed with a place name of a popular holiday destination in the 1960s on a vivid blue background.

Vintage Pottery Jug Highcliffe
My own collection

1960s Devon Blue Pottery Jug Highcliffe
Living in the New Forest all my life, the star item of my collection is the Lymington tea pot, which i found in a Lymington charity shop a few years ago. I grew up in Lymington, and love using this tea pot at home. I have two Brockenhurst pieces, which is where i was born and my mum and i had our shops until last year. 

My dad is an engineer on the Lymington to Isle of Wight ferry, my lovely man was born in Southampton and works in Bournemouth and the latest addition is from Beaulieu, where we will be doing our first vintage show (Hot Rod and Custom car show) in few months. This particular jug is filled with the most scrummy handmade sea salt candle from it smells like summer! 

Sadly i don't think they did any for Hordle (where we now live) but i'd love a Milford on sea piece, as it is where our beach hut is.

I am actually selling one piece, from Highcliffe, which is just up the road. 

The second part of my collection is the fantastic, random named mugs from the same period. As far as i know, you were able to go into the same shop the other items were bought from and either commission or buy off the shelf any of these mugs.

Vintage Pottery Jug Names and Mum
I also found the 'mum' mug this morning, which i will force my mum to use when she visits!

I was very happy to find a bowl this morning for my fella, but possibly from a different factory- possible Torquay ware? but i love it anyway.

I will continue to add any extra pieces i find to the website, but it is pretty hard for me to part with....

Vintage fruit ice buckets

Pineapple Retro has always stocked vintage ice buckets, and this is my current fruit bowl of delights.

The green 1950s pineapple, 1960s orange pineapple, 1960s apple, 1960s orange and 1960s pear all have glass liners, whilst the 1970s orange apple and strawberry have plastic.

Pineapple Ice Bucket

All look fantastic alone or in a group, not to mention keeping your ice cold!

As well as the ice buckets, i can also offer the very rare, matching cup holders with them. 

Pineapple Ice Bucket Cup Holders

Posted in new in by Sophie on 30/04/2015

Vintage camping over the rainbow

Summer is almost here, and vintage camping ware is in stock at Pineapple Retro.

We have all the colours of the rainbow to match your VW camper van, tent or Vintage caravan. Melamine plastic not only looks great, but is hard wearing too. Along with it's Italian and Scandinavian cousins, it is perfect for your camping needs.

Vintage Melamine Plastic

We have various pieces and sets in stock currently, which would also be great for use in your vintage kitchen too? I'm a big fan of the Rosti mixing bowls and utensils myself, and the rainbow of colours it comes in.

Vintage Kitchen Cups and Plates

Posted in colour by Sophie on 30/04/2015

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